Civilian Policing Working Group meets Ministry of Interior

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is assisting the Government of Iraq (GoI) in its efforts on Security Sector Reform (SSR) through a well-established partnership with the Office of the National Security Advisor (ONSA).

On 29 August, UNDP and ONSA co-chaired the first meeting between the Ministry of Interior (MoI) and international partners within the Civilian Policing Working Group, at Al Nahrain Centre for Strategic Studies in Baghdad.

UNDP and ONSA have established the Working Group with the primary objective of improving national and international coordination and partner engagement, as well as to seek international assistance in support of Civilian Policing in Iraq.

Within this broader SSR reform agenda and post-liberation Iraq, the assistance to the Iraqi Civilian Police Service and related Criminal Justice sphere has been identified as a key priority. Through its Rule of Law Programme, UNDP is therefore engaged in supporting the Civilian Policing sphere.

The MoI high-level delegation was headed by the Deputy Minister for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Dr. Aqeel al-Khazali, who presented an overview of the reform priorities focusing on training, monitoring and evaluation, and security management and oversight. He said:

"SSR is a top priority, so is delivering security services to citizens. In this context, the MoI needs international assistance to develop training standards, quality curricula and updated education."

UNDP’s Rule of Law Programme Manager, Ms. Chamila Hemmathagama, noted:

"Within its ongoing support to the Government’s SSR efforts, UNDP has established two frameworks to improve coordination and collaboration between and amongst GoI and international partners in this long term reform process. SSR strategic partner meetings and the Civilian Policing Working Group are held quarterly, and jointly facilitated by ONSA and UNDP."

Attending the Working Group meeting were senior officials from the MoI, ONSA, Al Nahrain Centre, in addition to international partners including the Coalition Combined Joined Task Force (CCTF).

The European Union (EU), France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the International Organization for Migration (IoM) were also represented.

(Source: UNDP in Iraq)

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