UN Women Iraq engages Civil Society Groups

UN Women Iraq engages civil society groups as important catalysts for change

UN Women met with civil society groups in Erbil on 06 October 2016, as part of continuing efforts to engage civil society on gender equality, women’s rights, and empowerment.

Through a consultative forum called Civil Society Advisory Group (CSAG) created by UN Women Iraq, the group will play a vital role in ensuring that UN Women’s national programming comes from an informed perspective in which the priorities on the ground, and from the ground, are taken into consideration.

In welcoming remarks, Deputy Country Director Dr. Paulina Chiwangu informed CSAG members of their important consultative role for UN Women’s national strategic planning and in representing the voices of all civil society groups.

The four main objectives of CSAG are:

  1. To foster dialogue and engagement between UN Women and civil society, on national development issues and trends related to gender equality, women’s rights and empowerment
  2. To enable UN Women to benefit from civil society’s expertise, experience, perspective and knowledge and strengthen UN Women’s national programme and priorities
  3. To serve as a consultative forum of ideas and strategies on key policy, knowledge and advocacy issues
  4. To keep UN Women up to date on political changes. UN Women views civil society groups as important catalysts for change.

During the meeting, CSAG members were divided into teams to discuss relevant issues from their respective governorates and present to the team before the end of the year.

CSAGs acknowledged during the meeting that although efforts are being made, there are certain groups of women in parts of Iraq who are forgotten and they have asked UN Women to continue to advocate on behalf of the forgotten women to UN agencies.

With input provided by civil society, UN Women will forge ahead in the global mandate for continued strong advocacy on behalf of all women and girls.

(Source: UN)

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