Parliament Speaker outlines post-IS plan

Al-Monitor:  There are calls to divide Mosul. How does a Sunni leader like yourself feel about them?

Jabouri:  The parliament believes the situation in Mosul should be determined by its own people. Personally, I'm against the division. I am for maintaining the administrative borders of Ninevah and against any outside interference in its affairs.

Al-Monitor:  What about the [alleged] abuses committed by the Popular Mobilization Units? Have you filed lawsuits? Do you have evidence and proof?

Jabouri:  We have filed lawsuits regarding some incidents, and we spoke to international organizations about such violations. We have filed a lawsuit regarding the Saqlawiyah incidents; those who killed, kidnapped and pointed their weapons at the wrong people have clearly abused the state.

Al-Monitor:  How possible is it for the conflict in Anbar between the Islamic Party and the Sunni Waqf [Religious Endowment] to result in new conflicts?

Jabouri:  If we do not learn from our previous experiences, new political disagreements could arise and thus harm the community. The Sunni Waqf must not be involved in politics. There are personal conflicts that should be settled.

Al-Monitor:  What is the nature of the current relationship between you and Maliki?

Jabouri:  It is a normal relationship, like any other relationship with any prominent figure. The only difference is that it is at a stage of understanding, but there is no alliance or agreement. There is understanding in terms of managing crises within the parliament and the political process. There is no denying that there is joint coordination with the head of the [INA], [Hakim], and Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. I think this is a normal relationship that is limited to discussions and dialogues, but no alliances.

Al-Monitor:  What is the nature of your personal relationship with Iran? It is said to be stronger than the relationship between the Shiite leaders and officials there.

Jabouri:  I do not know the nature of the relationship between Shiite leaders and Iran. I have a formal relationship with Iran; there is nothing special about it. Some wanted to criticize the relationships I build by claiming that I am relying on Iran [for political backup], but that is not true. I have a good relationship with Iran, just like I have good relationships with Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the US. However, considering my official title, I sometimes succeed in convincing these parties with our demands, but fail at others.

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