Renovation of Anbar University’s Residential Units in Ramadi

The United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) has inaugurated newly renovated residential units in Anbar University, located in Ramadi, Anbar Governorate.

With generous contribution from the Government of Japan, the renovation of the residential units was implemented under the project titled “Promoting Urban Recovery in Newly Liberated Areas in Iraq.

As other public facilities and major infrastructure in the city, the premises of the university was one of the earliest largely devastated sites by ISIL.

Classrooms and residential buildings of Anbar University were severely damaged. Upon request from the Anbar Governorate, UN-Habitat renovated 92 residential units in the university compound for female students, which can accommodate around 400 individuals, to be ready for the beginning of the new academic semester in October 2016.

The units are provided with water and sanitation facilities, electricity, and ceiling fans.

UN-Habitat promotes community-based reconstruction in crisis-affected areas. The current intervention to rehabilitate the residential units in Anbar University is complementary component under the agency’s Urban Recovery Programme.

Dr. Erfan Ali, UN-Habitat’s Country Representative, confirmed in the event that “The community-based approach under the Urban Recovery initiative will empower the community members socially and economically, enabling them to plan and manage their own activities for more peaceful and stable community”.

He added that the reactivation of the university’s role would contribute to accelerate IDPs return. He also emphasized on the importance of targeting female students to support their academic and research re-engagement, and to play an active role as agents of positive and constructive change.

(Source: UN)

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