Healthcare Investment Opportunity in Baghdad

Ministry of Health and Environment in coordination with the National Investment Commission (NIC) are announcing an investment opportunity to build disease testing labs in Baghdad (according to investment law No. 13 for the year 2006 as amended and the regulations issued in its accordance) according to the specifications shown below:

  1. The investing company is required to rent buildings or apartments to be specified to establish the testing labs referred to above.
  2. The labs are to be supervised by the Ministry of Health and Environment / department of technical affairs/ testing labs section.
  3. These labs are to be supported by sending them patients from the public health institutions in case they do not have the necessary lab testing.
  4. The procedures mentioned in the regulations No. (2) for the year 2006 ( of granting the license of practicing the private lab work for disease analysis) are to be applied in opening these labs in all specializations.
  5. The labs are to consist of two floors or more :

Ground floor: a big hall of (85-100 m²) to be divided according to the number of sections and specializations with providing all medical and office services.

The first floor: consists of (2) pedagogic halls at least in order to conduct training courses in coordination with the section of graduated students and trainees.

The lab is to be an independent building and not annexed with any irrelative commercial utility.

  1. The lab is to be equipped by the investing company with all modern and developed equipments (Automation) according to the need of the testing units intended to be activated with providing the quality control materials in coordination with the testing labs section in the Ministry of Health.
  2. Providing the building with all office furniture, air conditioning systems, and furnishing the pedagogic halls in a way that match the work volume.
  3. The investment company pledges to pay all building dues of electricity and water supply bills in case of submitting to renting and taxing system.
  4. Training all private and public colleges’ graduates concerned with the testing labs work with organizing vocational training courses, against prepaid fees, through which trainees are to be theoretically and practically evaluated and appreciation certificates will be awarded to the passers by the testing labs section in the Ministry of Health.
  5. The company pledges to train the workers of the lab to use the modern devices, place and period are to be specified later.

All interested companies and investors are invited to submit their applications to the Ministry of Health and Environment / Private Health sector section or to the National Investment Commission through the email address ([email protected] ) knowing that the closing date is 15.11.2016.

(Source: NIC)

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