New LinkedIn Group to Promote SMEs in Iraq

By Padraig O'Hannelly.

A new LinkedIn group has been created to help promote new businesses in Iraq.

The Iraqi Crowdsourcing Group is dedicated to Iraqi entrepreneurship, projects, business ideas, solutions to problems Iraqi startups face, and innovation to ensure that successful and efficient new businesses are created.

It has been set up by Aziz Al Nassiri, founder of by RiTS, a small innovative Iraqi consultancy established in 2004, that has already established Iraq’s first Startup Incubator in a collaboration with Al Mansour University, to encourage and inspire their graduates to initiate their own business projects.

Al Nassiri told Iraq Business News:

"Eventually we hope to add crowdfunding to help solve the biggest obstacle Iraqi entrepreneurs face. We hope to connect professionals from all disciplines, academia, government, businessmen and students with Iraqi entrepreneurs and startups.

"We will soon follow up with a website and mobile app to help this group become a main source for inspiration to youth, males and females.

"If you are interested in supporting the creation of a vibrant and ethical Iraqi private sector that absorbs most of the 450,000 new entrants to the Iraqi job market every year, then joining this group is a must. Please spread this message to all your contacts on Linked in."


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