Iraqi American Running for Iraqi Children

According to UNICEF, Iraq is now one of the most dangerous places in the world for children -- this lawyer and mother is doing something about it!

As Iraq liberates Mosul, an Iraqi American mother and lawyer, thousands of miles away, is training to run in the November 6 New York City Marathon.

As she did at the Chicago Marathon and the 9/11 Triathlon in Washington, DC, she will proudly carry US and Iraqi flags to champion the cause of Iraq's most vulnerable children.

This woman is all heart.  She is "off the bench" and in the game.  Once a little girl in Baghdad herself, Mais Abousy can't forget the Iraqi girls and boys whose childhoods are at grave risk.  She is running for children like:

Bayda who got medical help for burns she suffered when fleeing with her family from ISIS violence near Mosul.

Ali and Sajad who got help from the street lawyers to get their legal ID documents and are now going to school.

Sarah, an orphan, who collected cans from the trash, but was abandoned after her older sister was arrested. A social worker got her medical care and helped her find a new home with relatives

Zahra* and Sabreen*, young teenage girls in detention who need help applying for release under the new amnesty law.

Please join Mais' campaign to love and support these children:   

  "From the Streets of New York to the Streets of Baghdad"

*Aliases for legal privacy 

(Source: Iraqi Children Foundation)


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