WFP Launches WiFi System In Iraqi Refugee Camp

As part of its regional emergency operation to assist Syrian refugees who fled conflict, WFP provides food assistance to more than 50,000 vulnerable refugees in Iraq through food vouchers, allowing them to purchase their food from local shops. WFP also provides food assistance to over 1 million Iraqis displaced by conflict and is scaling up its emergency response to meet the food needs of families fleeing Mosul.

UNFPA in Iraq is helping to deliver emergency reproductive health services and emergency Gender Based Violence Response to Syrian refugees, especially women and girls affected by the crisis. As part of this response UNFPA has been providing obstetric services to pregnant women, distributing reproductive health kits for antenatal and postnatal care to hospitals and family planning centers.

The Fund is also supporting the distribution of hygiene kits to women and girls of reproductive age. Additionally, in clinics and safe spaces in camps and shelters, UNFPA is working with partners to provide essential health services to women of reproductive age, and is supporting psychosocial care for women and girls affected by violence or trauma.

(Source: WFP)

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