Trump Victory: "No Change" in Baghdad-Washington Ties

The Iraqi government has said that the election of Donald Trump as US president will not change its relationship with the United States.

Government spokesman Saad al-Hadithi told Rudaw:

The Iraqi-American strategic agreement, including the economy and war on terror are all mutual files between the two countries and these ties will remain as they are and will not change anything between Iraq and the United States.

“There are common interests and mutual relations between Iraq and America and I don’t expect any of this to change with Trump’s victory.

“For the past eight years the democrats have been in power in the United States and today the republicans have won, but this is only the change of people and names and not policy. Politics will stay as they are now.

He also told the Associated Press that Iraq is keen to develop its relations with the U.S. and "boost cooperation in the fight against terrorism."

(Sources: Rudaw, AP)

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