KRG FM: Together we will Ensure a Win-Win Partnership

KRG Foreign Minister Falah Mustafa shed light on KRG’s international outreach, ties with Baghdad and the neighboring countries and Kurdistan’s contribution to regional stability, at this week's Kurdistan-Iraq Oil & Gas Conference, arranged by CWC Group in London.

Below is the full text of Minister Mustafa’s speech:

Excellencies, distinguished guests, ladies and gentleman,

I am happy to be here with you all today,

Thank you to the CWC Group for bringing us all together again.

The people of Kurdistan have come a long way from the sufferings of the past. Throughout our history, our people have been optimistic in the face of some very difficult obstacles. We are optimistic about our future and about building a peaceful and prosperous Region where the benefits of a growing and diversified economy can improve the lives of all our people and inspire the rest of Iraq.

Kurdistan has been and will remain a pillar of security within Iraq. Our Peshmerga and security forces have done a remarkable job in a challenging environment. Since 2003 Kurdistan has been a factor for stability and a safe haven for different ethnic and religious groups fleeing violence and bloodshed.

We are proud of our continued efforts to reach out to international community, our open door humanitarian policy in welcoming internally displaced people and refugees and our culture of peaceful co-existence and religious tolerance. We all know the horrors that violence and extremism can bring. Our people want to live in peace and prosperity far from any kind of violence and conflict.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Building a productive and enduring relationship with the international community, as well as our neighbors, has been a major focus of KRG policies. We in the KRG have been able to forge important and substantive ties with 36 states across the globe. Because of our geopolitical location and the KRG’s policy of good neighborly relations, it has been important to maintain cordial relations with Turkey, Iran, and the Arab states.

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