NATO trains Iraqi Experts in Cyber Defence

The co-director for this advanced training course, Mr Murad Assafi (National Security Council of Iraq), expressed his satisfaction with this training for the CIRT cyber defence experts and proposed a follow-up training stating that “a further training would be very useful, allowing Iraq’s institutions to benefit from the expertise of METU lecturers.”

Contributing to Iraq’s defence capacity building

The SPS training was delivered as part of the Defence Capacity Building (DCB) Initiative endorsed by Allied leaders at the 2014 NATO Summit in Wales. “Upon the request from the Iraqi authorities, the SPS Programme rapidly reacted and provided this tailor-made, high-level expert course, significantly contributing NATO’s strategic objectives in the area of defence capacity-building,” noted Dr Deniz Beten, Senior SPS & Partnership Cooperation Advisor.

The SPS Programme provides strong support to the DCB Initiative. Currently, the programme supports several activities in this area. This is the second SPS activity implemented under the DCB Package for Iraq. The SPS Programme also assists Iraq through a multi-year project in the field of counter-IED, composing of expert training and related specialist equipment.

(Source: NATO)

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