Just one Burning Mission: The Children of Iraq

Their Cause Burns in Our Hearts: The Children of Iraq

We invite you to join us in a cause that burns in our hearts:  the orphans and vulnerable children in Iraq, a place UNICEF calls, "one of the most dangerous places in the world for children."

Give the gift of loving intervention in their young lives through access to education, legal protection, medical and trauma care, nutrition, and normal childhood joys - toys and clothes!

Give for the pure joy of it.  Give out of gratitude for our own bounty, safety, and security here in the US.  Give - pragmatically - to finish up 2016 tax deductions.  Give in honor of a veteran or Gold Star family.  Or in honor of Iraqi friends and family.  We are all in this together.  Good will prevail.  Dreams will come true.  We, at Iraqi Children Foundation (ICF) are dedicated to this proposition.

Make this your burning cause: Give

(Source: Iraqi Children Foundation)

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