Iraqi-French Business Council Economic Forum

The opening ceremony included a speech by Mr. Steven Michel, French Vice Co. Chair of the Iraqi- French Business Council, through which he defined the most prominent reasons that led to deteriorating the economic activities between the two countries which were: the exceptional security situation especially during the last two years  and the economic crisis due to the sharp decline in oil prices and its effect on all other sectors, expressing his hope that the recent victories in Mosul operations and the expected rise in oil prices after the coming Vienna meeting will contribute to supporting the Iraqi economy in general.

NIC Chairman also reviewed a presentation underlying the most important investment opportunities available in Iraq in all sectors.

On behalf of the Iraqi privet sector , Mr basim Jameel Anton presented an overview of the most prominent business opportunities available in Iraqi in all sectors.

The Forum works also included holding elaborated workshops attended by representatives of Iraqi Ministries of ( Oil, Planning, Trade, Electricity, Industry, Construction & Housing, Transport, Telecommunications) in addition to the French delegation and the representatives of the Iraqi privet sector.

Moreover, the Forum was attended by a number of Ministers, the General Secretary of the Ministers’ Council, Parliament members, Deputy Ministers, and a number of DGs in the Iraqi Ministries.

(Source: National Investment Commission)

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