GE’s Iraq deals in at Risk over US Tavel Ban

By John Lee.

US diplomats, citing a senior Iraqi government official, have said that the US travel ban could jeopardise General Electric (GE)‘s business in Iraq.

According to a memo obtained by Politico:

[The Baghdad government] was preparing to sign two more deals with U.S. company General Electric that could be negatively affected, and that the prime minister wanted to expand Iraq’s cooperation with GE into the health, transportation, and aviation sectors, as well as sign a maintenance contract with GE worth billions of dollars.

“The travel ban called into question whether GE and the U.S. could be reliable partners … such cooperation would be hurt by the new visa policy.

The company already has power contracts worth more than a billion dollars in Iraq, and hundreds of employees in the country.

It recently announced that it has secured more than $1.4 billion in orders from Iraq’s Ministry of Electricity to set up power plants as well as provide technology upgrades and maintenance services.

Full story here.

(Source: Politico)

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