Iraqi Port Receives Largest Ship to date

Basra Multipurpose Terminal (BMT), in the port of Umm Qasr, has recently welcomed Iraq’s largest vessel do date, the 325 meter-long MSC Rita.

The arrival was marked by a visit from the Minister of Transport, Kadhim Finjan, who took the helm and successfully piloted the massive ship safely through the channel.

The MSC Rita sails on MSC’s newly restructured 'Falcon Service', which connects the Far East directly with the port of Umm Qasr. The addition of Iraq as a port of call on this service means shippers to Iraq will no longer have to transship at other Gulf Ports, but can instead benefit from a direct connection with reduced transit times. For example, the passage from Singapore into Umm Qasr is now cuts to 13 days.

BMT's Chief Executive Officer, Brian Fuggle, said:

“Receiving the MSC Rita is another milestone for BMT, where we are striving to continually improving the product we offer to our customers”.

Basra Multipurpose Terminal is operated by Aloreen Investment Ltd.

(Source: BMT)


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