US Report on Iraqi Human Rights Practices

By John Lee.

The US State Department has said human rights abuses were widespread in Iraq over the past year, adding that the civilian authorities were not always able to maintain effective control of all security forces.

In its Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2016, it says that while donor funding increased, the government’s response fell short of rapidly rising humanitarian demands, and displaced populations became destitute, leading some citizens to seek refuge abroad.

Introducing the report, Rex W. Tillerson, Secretary of State, said the reports reflect the concerted efforts of US embassies and consulates to gather the most accurate information possible:

“They are prepared by human rights officers at U.S. missions around the world who review information available from a wide variety of civil society, government, and other sources. These reports represent thousands of work-hours as each country team collects and analyzes information. The Department of State strives to make the reports objective and uniform in scope and quality.”

The full Iraq report can be read here.

(Source: US State Department)

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