Investment Opportunity in Glass Production

The State Company for Glass and Refractories Industry (SCG&R) [State Company for Glass and Ceramic Industries (SCGCI)], part of Iraq's Ministry of Industry and Minerals (MIM), has announced an investment opportunity, sharing in management and production, according to investment Iraqi Law (No.22 of 1997 article 15 /III ) to moderate, increasing capacities, and improve quality for following factories:-

  1. Rehabilitation & Operation of sheet glass factory.
  2. Rehabilitation & Operation of pharmaceutical Bottles factory.
  3. Rehabilitation & Operation of Ceramic wall Tile factory.
  4. Rehabilitation & Operation of Ceramic floor Tile factory.
  5. Rehabilitation & Operation of Ceramic Sanitary Ware factory.

More information here.

(Source: National Investment Commission)

One Response to Investment Opportunity in Glass Production

  1. araz-j-Aziz 19th April 2017 at 13:23 #

    This factory is located in RAMADi .

    No one will invest as there is big fight between the govern orate counsel and the governor Suhaib Al- rawi

    Ramadi is infested with corruption and rivalry between the governor who is member of Iraqi Islamic party and the city counsel is headed by front wheel loader operator .

    ever seen satan in heaven , when you see one , then there shall be investment, but there is several scenarios :

    is bought by local politicians from Ramadi after huge spending by Ministry of industry as with fertilizers Plant in Baiji some 150 million USD spent on power plants then offered for investment <<<

    So who owns the MONEY in iraq < chief political parties like AMMAR Al-hakim who ownds all PEPSI COLA plants in iraq with a wealth eccedin 200 bill;ion USD , But would he go to RAMADI , that is too remote , he plays in safe havens .

    So who : saliH al-Mutlag : that guy is poor minded person , he want spend his money in Iraq.

    So Who :

    Al_karbooli bross : no , they already invest in one of ex_ soviet union republics ( 20 billion USD ).but they might buy it then sell it to some one else.

    The final is the same game : spend millions by the Ministry , then offer for investment < but that is remote as government is now begging for money

    The final comes to the Ramadi Counsel members or the governor : so capitalist ( Ali BABA ) must reach an agreement to share investment.

    Or the hell with the factory : it never produced any product that worth money.