Major US Contractor Accused of Smuggling, Trafficking

By John Lee.

US-based Sallyport Global is alleged to have turned a blind eye to alcohol smuggling, theft, security violations, and allegations of sex trafficking at its site in Iraq.

An Associated Press investigation claims that the company, that was paid $686 million to secure Iraq’s Balad Air Base, also fired the investigators who uncovered the alleged wrongdoing.

In a statement to AP, Chief Operating Officer Matt Stuckart wrote:

“Sallyport has a strong record of providing security and life support services in challenging war zones like Iraq and plays a major but unheralded role in the war against ISIS. The company takes any suggestion of wrongdoing at Balad very seriously.”

As recently as January of this year, Sallyport was awarded a further $200-million contract for work at Balad Air Base.

More details here.

(Source: Associated Press)

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