Partnering to Enhance National Capacities in Iraq

Working closely with other humanitarian organisations and government counter parts is at the core of Logistics Cluster activities in Iraq.

The team has recently joined forces with the German Government civil protection organisation Technische Hilfswerk (THW), which works closely with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to support capacity building efforts.

As part of these activities, THW is conducting logistics trainings and establishing two warehouses for the KRG’s Joint Crisis Coordination (JCC) centre in order to strengthen their prepositioning and response capabilities.

In March 2017, at the request of THW, the Logistics Cluster led 18 members of the JCC through a session on understanding the United Nations and Cluster systems, activations and mandates, as well as the main issues currently faced in Iraq by humanitarian organisations.

The key Logistics Cluster activities, documents and tools were also shared to demonstrate how logistics gaps and bottlenecks are being addressed.

In April, the THW and JCC teams then spent a week at the Logistics Cluster warehouse in Erbil where cluster staff assisted in taking them through practical exercises on such topics as warehouse layout planning, stacking procedures, storage and inventory management, key documentation, and working with GPS systems.

Since the beginning of the Mosul response in October 2016, the Logistics Cluster has also conducted training courses with national and international organisations such as Welthungerhilfe (WHH), the Barzani Charity Foundation, Qandil, the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and the Board of Relief and Humanitarian Affairs (BRHA).

A Logistics Cluster Induction course is also planned in July to review, together with all organisations, the Cluster system and mandate, and the main humanitarian logistics services provided.

(Source: Logistics Cluster)

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