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New Training Program for Iraqi Business Journalists

Training Program for Iraqi Business Journalists Reporting on their Country's Economy Business Journalists 4Change, a program to help Iraqi business journalists to report on economic reform initiatives in their country, calls for applicants who wish to report on solutions to economic problems. The application deadline is August 21st, with interviews to be held between August […]

Training improves Interviewing Techniques for Iraqi Investigators

Enhancing crime management: Training improves interviewing techniques for Iraqi investigators Iraq's security and justice sector institutions will be further strengthened under a training programme for Iraqi investigators that enables them to interview suspects and witnesses by using effective and non-coercive interviewing techniques. The initiative is a partnership between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and […]

Iraqi e-Commerce Venture raises New Investment

The Iraq-based e-commerce business Orisdi has raised a new six figure investment round that included the participation of existing and new investors. The round was facilitated by the Iraqi Angel Investors Network (IAIN) and served to reinforce the continuous growth of the business and the growing potential of e-commerce in Iraq. The round saw the […]

EU, German support for Growth and Jobs in Iraq

European and German support for economic growth and jobs in Iraq Governmental bodies of Federal Iraq and the Kurdish Region, including the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Offices and Ministries of Planning, discussed progress made in implementing economic reforms and creating sustainable job opportunities for Iraqis. They met  as members of the steering committee […]

New Report on Iraqi Transportation Sector

Transportation Sector in Iraq: Aviation & Maritime Scene Overview The transportation sector plays a major role in the development of the country. As a key factor in promoting the advancement of dependent operations, a strong transportation infrastructure will ensure the proper functioning of closely related sectors and present a reliable playground for emerging businesses and […]

Iraqi Entrepreneurs' Journey

Iraqi Entrepreneurs' Journey This research is an updated, quantitative assessment of the Iraqi Entrepreneurs Journey: An In-Depth Analysis that was published by KAPITA in July, 2020, which was the backbone to understand the problems, solutions, opportunities, and challenges that entrepreneurs face in the Iraqi business ecosystem. Two years later, we are providing an updated, yet […]

Incubator for Creators: Startup Demo Day

From 51 Labs: It is our utmost pleasure to see entrepreneurs thrive! With the generous support of USAID, we concluded the 2022 Incubator for Creators program with a Startup Demo Day event. At the end of the event, three of the participating startups won seed funding prizes totaling $30,000 that would help them push their […]

From Farm to Fork: Iraq's Vital Agri-Food Sector

From Farm to Fork: Europe Day in Iraq highlights country's vital agri-food sector The Delegation of the European Union to Iraq marked Europe Day in Baghdad today. An event that brought together partners, highlighted the country's vital agri-food sector and efforts that support its sustainable development. The one-day event was attended by representatives of the […]

Iraq: Implementing a Way Forward

By C. Anthony Pfaff, Ben Connable, and Masoud Mostajabi, for the Atlantic Council. Any opinions expressed here are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. Iraq: Implementing a way forward A new report, Iraq: Implementing a Way Forward, authored by Atlantic Council staff and fellows C. Anthony […]

The Station Opens Branch in Erbil

By John Lee. The Station Foundation for Entrepreneurship has opened its fourth branch in Erbil, According to a press release from The Station, the opening marks a significant step forward in ensuring that Kurdistan's youth can contribute to the ecosystem's enhancement and build a connected network of entrepreneurs, creatives, and innovators who can reach across […]

UNICEF Iraq gets $26m from Germany for COVID Response

UNICEF receives US$26 Million from the Government of Germany to support the provision of basic services and the COVID-19 response in Iraq The funding will allow 1 million children and adolescents to have continued access to learning through a combination of approaches such as blended learning and 50,000 vulnerable people to receive critical child protection […]