Investment Opportunity - Martyrs Firm

The Martyrs Firm [Martyrs Foundation?] has announced the opportunity of investing the land lot no. (110/43830) Jazeera with an area of 11 donum out of total 24,200 donum area located in Thi Qar province on the main road leading to al- Sader Hospital next to al- Sader housing compound near Thi Qar Martyrs Directorate

Interested investors and companies are invited to visit the Martyrs Firm headquarters / contracts section in Baghdad – Jadiriyah near the double volume bridge during the working hours’ time in order to obtain the detailed profile against a non refundable sum of 50,000 IQ , providing that they should submit their offers according to the required conditions to the Contracts section not later than the end of the working day of Monday, 24th of July.2017.

For any further information please email: [email protected]

(Source: National Investment Commission)

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