Investment Opportunity: Producing Gas Oil from Heavy Fuel Oil

The Ministry of Electricity has announced an investment opportunity to build a plant on a BOT basis to produce gas oil from heavy fuel oil in Al Musayab gas turbine station.

Tender No. MOE- HQ11/ 2017

Tender subject : constructing a plant 3200 m³ / day of heavy fuel oil

Closing date : Sunday 10.09.2017

Time : 12:00 pm Baghdad local time

Estimated cost : (6,5 dollar/ barrel) for produced gas oil.

  • The interested parties requested to attend MOE Headquarter – Investment and Contracts office/ Tenders Section in Al- Mansour District – Baghdad / Alnaqabat Street to get the investment opportunity documents against non refundable amount of (500,000) ID five hundred thousand Iraqi Dinar to be paid against a receipt with valid official authorization letter of the interested party.
  • The Technical, commercial and financial offers shall be submitted in three separated stamped sealed envelopes one for technical the second for commercial containing price depend on section 4 from the document and the third containing financing offer , you have to write on it :address including (website, e mail address, authorized person’s name and phone number) presented offer should be true and correct without additions or correction written with Arabic language stamped by company stamp on all pages .
  • You may submit your offer by hand or by DHL (offers sent by email will be rejected) to Ministry of Electricity, headquarter, Investment and Contracts office/ Tenders Section in Al- Mansour District – Baghdad not later than the dead line on Sunday 10.09.2017 before 12:00 pm Baghdad local time, if the day of closing date is holiday, the next day will be the closing date.
  • Winner bidder bears the cost of advertisement and any related cost if any.
  • MOE has the right to choose the appropriate offers regardless of the offered price.
  • Technical and commercial proposals not substantially responsive will be neglected.
  • Any question, explanation do not hesitate to contact [email protected] or call Mobile 07901935786

(Source: National Investment Commission)

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