Investment Opportunity: Welding Electrodes Plant

The Hydraulic Industries State Company, which is part of the Ministry of Industry & Minerals, has invited domestic and foreign companies to invest in the construction of a production line for welding electrodes:

"Those, who wish to participate are welcomed to visit the company in Baghdad – Al Saydia/ beside Al Dora bridge to submit their complete offers according to the conditions and technical specifications available in the commercial dep. Observe amount (250,000) ID non refundable and offers shall be deposited in the tender box in the location of the company on Sunday 27. 08.2017 (12:00 pm), if there is a holiday in the intended day shall be postponed to the next day.

"Participants shall attend the conference to answer all the questions on Sunday 20.08.2017 at (10:00 am) in the location of the company."

For any further information please contact:

Email 1: [email protected]

Email 2 : [email protected]

Email 3: [email protected]

(Source: National Investment Commission)

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