Jordanian-Iraqi Border Crossing to Reopen after Eid Al Adha

A Jordanian security official has stated that the Karamah crossing will be opened for the public on the third day of Eid, September 3, while staff will be deployed from August 30.

"We have conducted a trial run at the crossing with our Iraqi counterparts earlier this week at the al-Karamah crossing on August 20," the official said.

He also said that the decision was made to reopen the crossing, after a year-long closure, following clearing operations conducted by the Iraqi and Jordanian military forces against IS militants in the area.

Discussions to reopen the border crossing have been continuing over the past few months between Iraq and Jordan.  The Karamah border crossing connects the Jordanian town of Ruwaished with the Iraqi town of Trebil.

The Iraqi ambassador to Jordan, Safia Al Souhail had previously stated that “the Iraqi Cabinet awarded a contract to a security firm to secure the road connecting Baghdad to Trebil.

According to Jordanian statistics, more than one million Iraqi and Jordanian passengers used to pass through the Trebil crossing every year, and the facility was extremely important to both countries as it was the only land border through which commodities are traded between Iraq and Jordan.’

(Source: GardaWorld)

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