6,000 Jordanian Trucks ready to use Trebil Crossing

The head of the Jordanian truck owners Mohammed Khair al-Daoud said on September 7 that about 6,000 trucks are currently at high readiness and are ready to transport goods to Iraq through the Trebil crossing.

Al-Daoud said in a statement to the Jordanian newspaper “Al-Rai”:

“... the Association of truck owners held several meetings with the Iraqi embassy to discuss the transfer of goods to Iraq through the Trebil crossing through obtaining visas and coordination with the competent authorities to discuss the process of transporting goods in the exchange areas”. 

He pointed out that “the Iraqi ambassador had shown great cooperation with the Union of truck owners during the past days” stressing that “in the event of the completion of security and technical measures, the Jordanian trucks will carry out exchanges of goods with Iraqi trucks during the coming period."

(Source: GardaWorld)

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