Iraqi Farmers fight against Imported Goods, Corruption

She added, “This has led to widespread unemployment in both the countryside and the city. Corrupt people are deliberately delaying the development of the agricultural sector and have gone as far as to import bad seeds and fertilizers so Iraq continues to rely on importations, of which they receive some commissions. Corruption is rampant at the border crossings and has led to smuggling livestock outside the country, in return of importing meat without any surveillance or medical checks."

According to official figures by the Iraqi parliament’s Finance Committee on Aug. 19, Iraq is losing $8 billion a year from the public budget because of blackmail and the smuggling of goods through border crossings.

According to Abayji, protecting Iraqi farmers requires “the elimination of corruption among those in charge of the agricultural policy in the country, controlling the border crossings and strengthening local products to be able to compete with imported goods.”

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