Iraq asks Turkey and Iran to Close Borders with Kurdistan

Iraq has sent an official request to both Turkey and Iran to close all border posts with the Kurdistan Region until the latter hands them over to the federal government in Baghdad.

The Foreign Ministry submitted an official memorandum to the embassies of Turkey and Iran in Baghdad a week ago that included a formal request for the governments of the two countries to deal with the federal government in Baghdad exclusively with regard to border crossings and the closure of all crossings with the Kurdistan Region,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed Mahjoub said in a statement posted on Facebook on October 7.

The statement said that Baghdad also urged Ankara and Tehran to suspend all commercial transactions with Kurdistan, especially those related to the export of oil.

It added that Baghdad cooperates with the Turkish and Iranian sides “to enforce the constitution and the law” that the two countries should deal exclusively with the federal authorities “in accordance with the principles of good neighbourliness and respect for Iraqi sovereignty”.

A separate statement by the Iranian Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces Brig-Gen Masoud Jazayeri has said Iran is in the process of tightening control on its border with Iraqi Kurdistan at the request of Iraq's central government.

"At the request of the legal government of Iraq, Iran will impose more control on its joint borders with the Iraqi Kurdistan region," Jazayeri was quoted as saying by the conservative Mehr news agency on October 7.

(Source: GardaWorld)

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