US Govt, Basrah Launch Takamul Project

The U.S. Consul General, Timmy Davis, and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Deputy Mission Director, Dr. William Patterson, met with Basrah Governor, Asaad al-Idani, the Acting Provincial Council Chairman, Waled Ghaitan, and other provincial council members on November 6.

The purpose of the meeting was to introduce the new USAID Iraq Governance Performance and Accountability project, known as Takamul in Arabic. Takamul will support Government of Iraq reforms to strengthen public financial management and improve delivery of essential public services.

Assistance from Takamul’s predecessor project Taqadum, for example, supported the Wasit provincial government to increase provision of trash collection services to the residents of 16 municipalities throughout Wasit.

Takamul’s Basrah office will be the regional hub for supporting provincial governments throughout southern Iraq. Takamul continues the tradition of U.S. government support to the Government of Iraq to strengthen public service provision for all Iraqis.

Takamul will begin its activities in the region by holding training sessions in public financial management and service delivery later this month.

(Source: U.S. Embassy)

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