KRG efforts to Simplify Access to Govt Services

The Ministry showcased its planned pilot Public Service Centres – new hubs equipped with automated ICT platforms to deliver a variety of administrative services to the community, such as issuing personal status certificates (birth, divorce, death, etc.). These centres will serve as an example for the wider application of e-governance in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

“Responsive and accountable institutions are a key objective that UNDP is helping to achieve within its primary focus on democratic governance and peacebuilding in Iraq. Central to this objective is more efficient quality services to citizens whilst ensuring that no one is left behind.” said UNDP Country Director for Iraq, Mr. Mounir Tabet.

“Any such effort must pay special attention to helping the most vulnerable and marginalized segments of the population, who may not have access to or experience with ICT platforms to be equally served with these modern means.”

Partners of the KR-I Ministry of Interior from Azerbaijan and the Asan Khidmet Institution, which have provided technical advice and know-how through the course of the project E-Governance for Better Service Delivery also participated in the conference.

(Source: UNDP)

One Response to KRG efforts to Simplify Access to Govt Services

  1. ahmedalii 10th December 2017 at 16:00 #

    one of the best features of Barzani family that they make things easy for the population, as long as they pay higher prices, nothing is free in KRG , actually they make more money from crises , they increased the prices of benzine by 10 percent,

    As for heating oil , non distributed by the government as they do every year ( cost of 200 liter around 35 USD ) but nothing this cold winter , but if you want one million liter , its available on black market for 300 % percent minimum from the same so called government refinery( its ACTUALLY owned by Barzani family ), so never talk about E-government , it makes their grip tighter on the KRG CITIZINS.