Adel Abdul-Mahdi - Hostage to All?

By Harith Hasan, for Carnegie Middle East Center.

Adel Abdul-Mahdi was a compromise candidate as prime minister, that’s his major problem.

A few weeks before he was sworn in as Iraq’s new prime minister on October 21, ‘Adel ‘Abdul-Mahdi wrote a commentary saying he would refuse the position because “the right conditions for success [were] not in place.”

Even if the political factions supported him, he continued, they would soon reverse course once he started tackling serious problems in a way they deemed harmful to their interests.

Abdul-Mahdi specifically mentioned reforms such as moving Iraq away from a rentier to a productive economy, ending the country’s centralized governance system, fighting endemic corruption, developing public institutions, and promoting the rule of law.

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(Source: Carnegie Middle East Center)

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