UNAMI Welcomes Repatriation of Kuwaiti Property

The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) warmly welcomes the repatriation of a consignment of located Kuwaiti property to the Kuwaiti authorities in a handover that took place in Kuwait City today and was observed by the United Nations.

“This is an encouraging positive step taken by the Iraqi authorities in compliance with UN Security Council resolution 2107 (2013). It shows the determination of both countries to forge ahead with strengthening bilateral ties, putting behind them the bitter legacy of invasion and violence, and demonstrates the best of good neighbourly relations,” said Ms. Alice Walpole, Deputy Special Representative for Iraq of the United Nations Secretary-General.

Preparations for the transfer of the Kuwaiti textbooks and other items have taken over a year. H.E. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iraq Mohammed Al-Hakim has made exceptional efforts to ensure swift action on this important and complex file of outstanding issues with Kuwait since taking office a few weeks ago.

UNAMI has been actively involved with Iraq and Kuwait as an observer in facilitating the efforts for a resolution of the outstanding issues. While UNAMI commends the Iraqi movement on the missing property file and their commitment to resolve all remaining outstanding issues with Kuwait the UN Mission recognises that the search must continue for the invaluable National Archives of Kuwait.

Despite strong support demonstrated by Kuwait, and commitment to their international and humanitarian obligation shown by Iraq, full normalization of relations will only take place once all outstanding issues have been resolved, the Deputy Special Representative said.

(Source: UN)

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