Franchise Workshop targets Int'l Commercial Brands in Iraq

By John Lee.

NIC Hosts Franchise Workshop which Aims to Expand the Activities of International Commercial Brands in Iraq

Iraq's National Investment Commission (NIC), in coordination with the US Department of Commerce and the US Embassy in Baghdad, has hosted a franchise granting workshop over four days for the Iraqi private sector to expand the activities of international commercial brands in Iraq.

Dr. Sami Al-Araji, NIC Chairman, said in his opening speech that Iraq is on its way to opening up its services sector by providing support to the Iraqi private sector, adding that obtaining the licenses of international commercial brands can provide important economic revenues represented by the opening up of the big world companies towards Iraqi Market and creating many job opportunities all over Iraqi provinces.

The US Counsel said that US franchisers are looking to Iraq as "a unique key market".

Ms. Mays al-Ebosy, the coordinator of the US Department of Commerce and the and the supervisor of the session, invited the attendees to open discussions to listen to the obstacles that face the Iraqi private sector. The second and third days of this workshop were dedicated to the provincial investment commissions (PICs) and promoting investment in provinces, while the fourth day focused on hotel investments to Iraq.

(Source: NIC)

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