Iraq has "Strategic Alternatives" for Exporting Oil

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel abdul-Mahdi said on Tuesday that his country had prepared “strategic alternatives” for exporting oil in case a war erupted between the US and Iran, Anadolu reported.

During his weekly press conference, he said: “It is important to deal with the North Iraq region and Turkey to find alternative ways to export Iraqi oil.

He added: “We have prepared strategic alternatives in case of closure of Strait of Hormuz,” without giving more details.

Using multiple ports to export oil is a strategic project,” he said, “and we are working on this.

This came after threats by Iran to close the Strait of Hormuz, which is one of the most important routes for transporting oil in the world.

Escalation of mutual threats between Iran and the US, which reinstated sanctions on Iran.

(Source: Middle East Monitor)

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