Petrel Resources "Renewing Connections" in Iraq

By John Lee.

Petrel Resources has announced the appointment of Riadh Hameed as Non-Executive Director with immediate effect.

Riadh Mahmoud Hameed (aged 38) is a quality control engineer working for an aerospace component company based in the USA.   Prior experience has included over a decade of working in the oil and gas sector, to include six years working for Petrel as a co-ordinator for its projects in Iraq.

David Horgan, Managing Director writes:

"I am delighted to welcome Riadh to the Board of Petrel Resources, and look forward to working with him again, and to renew our connections on the ground in Iraq."

Last year, having taken an EUR 4.1-million impairment on its investments in Iraq, the company announced that it was re-establishing operations in Baghdad.

(Source: Petrel Resources)

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