Prepaway - ACT Test and Why You Need It for College Admission

Prepaway - ACT Test and Why You Need It for College Admission


Joining college is a dream for everyone who completes high school successfully. However, it is not easy to get an entry into the best colleges and universities. You must pass a standardized test in order to be for you to qualify for admission. There are many tests available and one of the best and most popular is the ACT tests .

The ACT test is administered to high school students to determine their readiness for college. It is a standardized test offered in the United States since 1959, when they first introduced it. The ACT consists of four sections, namely, English, Mathematics, Reading and Science Reasoning section. It also contains a writing section that is optional for test takers.

The ACT test questions are multiple choice-based. It is available to learners seven times in year. ACT scores are used differently depending on the college or university you are applying.

What does ACT test include?

The ACT test contains multiple-choice questions in five sections. The first four sections are mandatory while the last one, which is the writing section, is optional. You are given 2 hours and 55 minutes to complete the test if you opt out of the writing section. If you decide to take this section, you are given 3 hours and 35 minutes.

Why should you take ACT test?

·       ACT test increases your chances of getting into college.

·       ACT tests are a requirement when applying for some jobs. They help employers know some of your attributes.

·       With high ACT scores, you can easily get a scholarship that can help you through college.

·       The ACT test is a requirement in some states. In these states you cannot graduate if you have not taken this test.

Why is ACT test so popular?

·       The ACT answer choices are clear and you can easily tell the difference.

·       The ACT test has a science section.

·       It permits the use of calculators.

·       It provides answer choices in all the test sections.

How to pass ACT test?

·       Use practice tests

Practice tests are one of the greatest ways in any exam preparations. They help you understand the exam structure. Knowing what to expect at the exam eliminates any kind of panic or anxiety. You also get to know how exam questions are structured through such practice tests.

·       Join discussion groups

Discussion groups are important because through them you can understand hard topics. You can get an insight into the test by asking questions and getting the experiences of those who’ve gone through it. You can also learn strategies for approaching the test questions through discussion groups.

·       Use the right revision materials

If you want to pass the ACT test, then you have to use the recommended revision materials. By doing this, you’ll be sure to cover all the exam topics as you will be confident in your knowledge and skills.

·       Know the exam objectives

To be successful in the ACT test and in any other test you have to know what the exam contains. Knowing the exam objectives helps you understand what to focus on. Doing this can really save you a lot of time.

·       Allocate enough time for revision

The reason as to why many ACT test takers fail is because they don’t take enough time to prepare. Starting your revision early helps you cover each topic in depth, which minimizes your chances of failing.

ACT test format

All questions in the four ACT test sections are multiple choice in nature. There is no penalty for any wrong answers that you select. The following are the details of what each section entails:

·       English section

This is the first section of the exam which is allocated 45 minutes. It covers skills such as sentence structure, English usage i.e. commas, colons, apostrophes and rhetorical style. It contains 75 questions with five passages.

·       Math section

This section contains 60 questions, which you are required to complete in 60 minutes. 14 questions cover pre-algebra, 10 cover elementary algebra, 9 questions intermediate algebra, 14 refer to plane geometry, 9 questions include coordinate geometry and the remaining 4 - elementary trigonometry. This distribution may change from test to test. Paper tape and graphing calculators are permitted. This section is different from the rest because it has five choices in each question while the others have four.

·       Reading section 

In this section, there are 40 questions to be completed in 35 minutes. It is divided into four parts made up of long and short passages. The main aim of this section is to assess key details, how you integrate knowledge and ideas and crafting as well as structuring.

·       Science section

This section contains 40 questions to be done in 35 minutes. It consists of seven passages whereby each passage carries about five to seven questions. The passages follow three formats. These are data representation, conflicting viewpoints and research summary.

·       Writing section

This is the last section of the test and it is optional. Originally, the time limit was 30 minutes but it went up to 40 minutes in September 2015. You are allowed to write the essay in any structure but it must follow a given prompt. The prompts in this test are about social issues. In this section, you are required to analyze three given perspectives. The score in this section does not interfere with the composite score.

Tips for passing ACT test

·       Start with the simple questions first and end with the hardest. This helps you save time and you’ll be able to finish the test on time.

·       Don’t leave any questions unanswered since there is no penalty for wrong answers.

·       Use the elimination method on the hard questions.

·       Read the questions carefully.

·       Manage your time properly.

Are ACT test dumps helpful?

ACT test dumps are an important resource in the test preparation, when they are actual and updated. To find such, visit ExamSnap website. It’s the most reliable resource among candidates. The files provided there have been checked by IT experts that’s why it’s secure to use them, the same is true for the ACT test. This is because they give you a clear picture of the actual exam. You can acquire a technique of tackling the test questions. Practicing the most reliable ACT material will make you feel confident at the real exam, so don’t skip the chance and browse ExamSnap now.


If you are looking forward to joining a college in the near future, the ACT test should be at the top of your list. Not only does it increase your chances of joining the best colleges, but you may also require it when seeking employment. So, be well-prepared for the ACT test with the up-to-date exam dumps from ExamSnap website and pass the exam on your first try!

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