UK Ambassador: "An Extremely Good Time to be Working in Iraq"

By Padraig O'Hannelly.

A major petroleum conference in London has been told that more than 200 British companies now operating in Iraq, and those numbers are increasing.

Addressing more than 300 delegates at CWC's Iraq Petroleum conference, British Ambassador Jonathan Wilks CMG said:

"The UK and Iraq are becoming increasingly strong business partners and education partners, and London is becoming as it once was, the second home for many Iraqis. The number of Iraqis visiting the UK is increasing, so if you hear of difficulties getting, visas this is exaggerated."

Looking to the current climate in Iraq, Ambassador Wilks added:

"I am more than glass-half-full; the positives in Iraq right now, the dynamics, the sustainability of security improvements and economic improvements are really the best we have seen for many many years.

"We now have the best [Iraqi] government that we've had since 2003 ... This is an extremely good time to be working in Iraq."

2 Responses to UK Ambassador: "An Extremely Good Time to be Working in Iraq"

  1. M W Ibrahim, PhD 4th July 2019 at 14:09 #

    One of the forgotten subjects in this CWC conference is the oil exploration potential of offshore Iraq. This potential along with hotting up offshore exploration of Kuwait and Iran will be discussed at the 12th Middle East and North Africa Oil & Gas Conference at the Imperial College, London on the 18-19 September 2019.
    One of the Keynote speakers in this conference and the chronic unitisation problem in The Gulf and MENA countries will be Ahmed Mousa Jiyad.

  2. Jim P 4th July 2019 at 14:11 #

    If the British tell you that the sun is shining you better go outside and look. Ask Iran about British oil business.?

    They have robbed Iran and paid zero. When the Prime Minister complained they simply accused him of being a Communist and the USA & England Installed the Shah Pahlavi. That is how Democracy works