South Africa may supply Defence Kit to Iraq

By John Lee.

The South African Aerospace, Maritime and Defence Export Council (SAAMDEC) has reportedly been invited to engage with Iraqi government on defence and security contracts.

Established in 2015 by the South African Department of Trade and Industry, SAAMDEC aims facilitate exports for the defence and related industries sector.

Iraq is said to have provided a list of requirements, including: naval equipment, small arms, uniforms, ammunition, electro-optical equipment, less-lethal weapons, electronic warfare equipment, communications and radios, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), CCTV cameras, data centres, and forensic equipment.

According to DefenceWeb, Iraq also requires the modernisation and maintenance of equipment and weapons, road construction, staff training and training equipment, logistics support, rescue equipment, power/electrical systems.

It adds that the Iraqi Government has budgeted $2.5 billion for defence acquisition in the coming year.

(Source: DefenceWeb)

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