EU Airlines can Return to Parts of Iranian and Iraqi Airspace

By John Lee.

The EU Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) said on Wednesday that European airlines can return to parts of Iranian and Iraqi airspace.

In a statement, it advised:

"The Integrated EU Aviation Security Risk Assessment Group met on 28/01/2020 to assess the most recent information related to the safety and security of commercial air transport over Iran and Iraq.

"As an outcome of this meeting, the temporary recommendations issued by EASA and the EC Commission on 08/01/2020, recommending avoidance of all overflights of Iraq as a precautionary measure, and on 11/01/2020,  recommending avoidance of all overflights of Iran as a precautionary measure, have been withdrawn.

"On the basis of the latest information, the Group reaffirmed the position stated in the current published Conflict Zone Information Bulletins (CZIB) for overflights of Iran and Iraq airspace.

"CZIB-2017-04R5 for Iraq advises airlines to avoid overflights of Iraq except in two specific air corridors. CZIB-2020-01R0 for Iran advises against overflights of Iran at levels below 25,000 feet."

(Source: EASA)

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