Why Electricity is key to Peace, Stability and Prosperity

By Ali Al-Saffar, Middle East and North Africa Programme Manager at the International Energy Agency (IEA), for 1001 Iraqi Thoughts. Any opinions expressed are those of the author(s), and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News.

Powering Iraq: Why Electricity is key to Peace, Stability and Prosperity

It does not have to be this way. Iraq's chronic electricity shortages should not be this bad. The country has allocated around $20 billion to capital investments in the sector since 2012, increasing generating capacity by 13 gigawatts (GW) in the process.

And yet the gap between the electricity supplied and what is needed continues to grow, resulting in poorer service provision and a rising cacophony of legitimate public anger.

Why is Iraq's electricity sector underperforming? What can be done to remedy the most immediate shortages? And what can be done to give Iraq the electricity sector the country needs and its people deserve?

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