KRG Opposes new Federal Budget Bill

By John Lee.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has expressed concerns and signaled its opposition to legislation put forward by the Iraqi parliament on Thursday that it says would once more cut the Kurdistan Region's share of the federal budget.

The Council of Ministers issued the following statement:

"The Kurdistan Regional Government commends the Kurdistan Region's Representatives in the Iraqi Parliament for taking a united stance against the passing of a critical piece of legislation today that disregards the concerns of the Kurdistani people and undermines good faith negotiations between parties.

"The Kurdistan Regional Government has consistently expressed its readiness to finding a peaceful and fair resolution to outstanding issues within the framework of the constitution of Iraq."

"Since the formation of the ninth cabinet, we have continued to demonstrate goodwill toward our counterparts and participated in meaningful dialogue in Baghdad to that end. The Kurdistan Regional Government has signed several agreements and memoranda of understanding with current and former Iraqi governments on these issues in the spirit of collaboration."

"We have maintained our commitment to constitutional obligations to assure the safeguarding and respect of the constitutional rights and entitlements of the people of Kurdistan. We will continue to defend the Kurdistani peoples' rights, and denounce political injustice and marginalization."

"The presidencies of the Kurdistan Region, the Kurdistan Regional Government, the Kurdistani Parliament, and the Kurdistan Region's Representatives in Baghdad will soon meet and provide an official response to today's legislation."

(Source: KRG)

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