New Wheat Marketing Project in Slemani

Prime Minister Masrour Barzani has laid the foundational stone for the Kurdistan Regional Government's Wheat Marketing Project in Slemani (Sulaymaniya).

The $122 million project will be implemented by Qaiwan Group, in accordance with international standards, and finalized by 2025.

At the inaugural ceremony, the Prime Minister described the agriculture project as a strategic investment to support local farmers and strengthen the Kurdistan Region's food security.

Under its ambitious reform and economic diversification plan, the Kurdistan Regional Government has invested 8 percent of its annual budget in agriculture since the formation of the ninth Cabinet, a significant increase compared to 1.5 percent under the previous cabinet.

The Wheat Marketing Project in Slemani includes:

• A Flour Production Factory

• A Bulgur Factory

• A Pasta factory.

• Grain Silos

• A Research and Development Center

• A Control Room

• An Administrative Facility

• A Fire Department

• A Sales Department

• An On Site Medical Clinic

• A Weighing and Measuring Facility

• Residential Units for Employees

• Café and Restaurant

• A Recreational Center

• Storage Units

The Prime Minister also noted these projects will create thousands of new job opportunities in the Kurdistan Region. "We aim to bring our nation back on its feet, as well as unlock its potential as a regional producer."

According to statistics provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Kurdistan Region has approximately 6.5 million dunam of arable lands, of which only half is used for agricultural purposes. With an annual production rate of more than 1 million tons of wheat, the Kurdistan Regional Government aims to boost production and make use of its rich lands through further strategic investments.

(Source: KRG)

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