Schools get Training on Education Management Information System

UNICEF, in partnership with UNESCO, Ministry of Education (MoE), and Directorates of Education (DoE), have conducted the first Education Management Information System (EMIS) training workshop in Rasafa district, Baghdad.

This is part of a European Union (EU) funded project that mainly trains education personnel on the new EMIS, which collects and disseminates data to support all levels of the education system to support decision-making and policy analysis and formulation.

The project is implemented in 8 Governorates, where UNICEF will continue to support EMIS training of data entry users at the school level, development of governorate education sector plans, build the capacity of teachers. The EMIS developed under this project will improve the delivery of quality education and allow educators to make informed decisions using real time data.

This new initiative is vital for Iraq, where the quality of learning remains low. Previous conflict in the country has resulted in very high dropout rates and schools that operate two or three shifts per day, with as many as 60 students per class. The COVID-19 pandemic has also affected education in Iraq with school closures and limited options for alternative learning modalities.

"Decades of conflict and under-investment in Iraq have destroyed what used to be the best education system in the region and severely curtailed Iraqi children's access to quality learning. With this support from the EU, we are able to support the education system in the country and ensure that every child receives quality education and a chance at a brighter future" remarked UNICEF's Deputy Representative to Iraq, Dr Paula Bulancea.

The project is one of UNICEF's multipronged approaches to improve learning outcomes and support equitable and inclusive education for all girls and boys in Iraq by 2023.

(Source: UN)

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