IBBC Conference: Iraq - Identifying Business Opportunities

From the Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC):

IBBC focused on 'Iraq - Identifying Business Opportunities' in Dubai conference 10 & 11 November 2022  

After a year it now appears, the Iraqi government is forming led by PM designate Mr Mohammed Al Sudani under President Abdul Latif Rashid. There are significant implications for this development not least the green light for Infrastructure projects and how the government might apportion the current oil revenue surpluses.

This year's IBBCs Dubai Autumn conference comes at an auspicious time where several Government ministers and officials will be present to discuss the new opportunities and expected agenda for the new government.

Key speakers include H.E. Dr Abdulkareem Al Faisal, Chairman of PM's Advisory Council; H.E Mr. Mustafa Ghalib Mukheef, Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq; H.E. Mr Asaad Al Eidani, Basrah Governor; Mr Laith Al-Shaher, Director General of the Legal, Directorate, Ministry of Oil; Dr Mohammed Shukri, Chairman of the Kurdistan Investment Board; H.E Mr Assad Al Eidani, Governor of Basrah; and more DG's and ministers expected to attend.

In the private sector, Iraq has a bullish consumer market that is struggling to meet demand, as our sponsor Sardar Trading are finding with demand for their Jaguar cars and all over Iraq the consumer private sector is expanding rapidly. Likewise, oil revenues and production are booming and set to increase significantly over the next few years, as Mr Zaid ElyaseriBP President-Iraq and Dr Salem ChalabiPresident & Chairman of the Trade Bank of Iraq will be outlining likely Government and business strategies.

For the first time the conference is extending over 2 days to accommodate more networking and a special Basrah day, celebrating its business and energy importance with leading organisations, Ministers and high-ranking officials from Iraq. The KRG will feature its investment plans, its businesses and the UAE and the UK Ambassadors and trade officials will attend. There are conference panels on Finance, Energy, Industry & General Trading and business success stories including in Transport & Logistics. There is also a Tech Forum online to which anyone can register and covering very innovative and interesting subjects including Education Tech, Agriculture and Water technology and overviews on the digital and start up economy (registration link here)

As Iraq's finances are now in a robust shape with high oil revenues, the Government and private sector are finding funds to invest with more confidence. In a previous meeting with Director Generals of Iraq Oil Ministry, IBBC learned of the extensive and intended expansion of energy production in Iraq, that will serve to drive supply chain and governmental contracts over the coming months and years. Sardar Trading are key sponsors of the conference and have recently opened their new showroom in Baghdad and launching the new I-Pace at the same time.

Please visit this link to find out more and register for the conferences.

Preceding the conference on the 9th November at the Address Hotel, Dubai Maria, IBBC members are participating in a special GEMS Consult International Education conference day. The conference aims to bring together stakeholders, government, and the private sector, to address challenges facing the education system in Iraq and to explore potential solutions. In particular, the conference will provide a forum for collaboration between government and the business sector in developing innovation, improvements, and change. Several international educational institutions with interest in Iraq will be attending this conference.


Address Hotel, Dubai Marina

10 - 11 November 2022

[email protected]

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