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IBBC discusses Govt of Iraq's White Paper

IBBC discuss Government of Iraq's White Paper In an extensive discussion, leading executives and directors from the Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC) presented their insights and observations on the GoI White paper for reform. Speakers included: Professor Frank Gunter, Professor of Economics, Lehigh University, Advisory Council Member, IBBC Mr Shwan Aziz Member of the IBBC […]

Experts discuss fate of the Iraqi Dinar

By John Lee. At a webinar hosted by the Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC) yesterday, a team of experts presented and discussed their insights on the Iraqi government's recent White Paper, and on the challenges and opportunities facing the country. On the subject of the Iraqi currency, Frank Gunter, Professor of Economics at Lehigh University, […]

Successful IBBC Conference in Dubai

IBBC's 5th Annual Iraq Conference in Dubai - Opportunity in Adversity The Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC) was much praised at its conference on Thursday for pioneering in COVID-19 times by bringing together senior officials from Iraq, the UAE and the UK, prominent international and Iraqi businessmen, bankers and professional advisers as speakers and over […]

Why you should come to IBBC Conference: Opportunity in Adversity

Why you should come to the IBBC Conference in Dubai, entitled 'Opportunity in Adversity' On 19th November the Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC) is holding its Autumn conference in person at the Address hotel Dubai Marina. Some would say it's a brave decision, considering COVID, but others are keen to take up the challenge and […]

Why IBBC Autumn Conf will be Different and Full of Promise

From the Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC). Why IBBC Autumn conference will be different and full of promise: Opportunity in Adversity To be honest, the idea of holding a conference in the year of COVID, might look fool hardy, but sometimes you have to face down challenges and move forward, just like the Government of […]

Bell Finance joins IBBC

Bell Finance LLC joins IBBC as a new member and brings investment to the private sector in Iraq Bell Finance LLC has joined the Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC) to continue the work of the Iraq Middle Market Development Foundation's lending and educational activities in Iraq since 2005 (www.immdf.org). Funded by the U.S. International Development […]

IBBC announces SME Award in memory of Rasmi al Jabri

From the Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC): IBBC holds dual dinner in London and Baghdad to celebrate the life of Rasmi AL Jabri and establish an award in his name On Thursday, 14th October, IBBC hosted a single reception and dinner in memory of Engineer Rasmi Al Jabri, our late Deputy Chairman and Founding Member […]

IBBC welcomes Iraq's EBRD Membership

From the Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC). Joining the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is great news for Iraq. The IBBC welcomes EBRD membership on a number of levels as Iraq will both benefit from joining an organisation mandated to develop open and sustainable market economies in countries committed to, and applying, democratic […]

Video: IBBC Alumni Conference

The Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC) hosted a virtual conference chaired by Prof. Mohammed Al-Uzri to inaugurate its newly launched network of Iraqi Alumni of UK universities. The conference was opened by Baroness Nicholson. The guest speaker, Dr. Hamid Ahmed, Deputy Minister of Iraq's Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, confirmed the ministry's strong […]

Bank Boss to Represent IBBC in Iraq

Mr Haider Al Shamaa has been appointed as IBBC Member Representative in Iraq and to the IBBC Executive Committee. Mr Shamaa is the Chairman of the International Islamic Bank a long standing member and supporter of the IBBC. As the Member Representative of IBBC in Iraq he will lead our discussions with the Iraqi Chambers of […]

Rasmi Al Jabri, 1939 - 2020

By Christophe Michels, Managing Director of the Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC). Engineer Rasmi Al Jabri passed away suddenly yesterday on a walk outside his home in Erbil. He will be missed by his family, his tribe and his many friends, colleagues and admirers. Rasmi was born 1939 in the city of Qurnah in Southern Iraq, where […]

IBBC and AMAR to hold Iraqi CSR Panel

IBBC and AMAR to hold Iraqi CSR panel with major companies on 3rd September. 'HOW COMPANIES AND COMMUNITIES CAN ALL BENEFIT FROM CSR PROGRAMMES, WITH REFERENCE TO AMAR FOUNDATION'S WORK.' The Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC), its YEN (Young Executive Network) and AMAR Foundation, are holding an online panel to discuss CSR -- Corporate Social […]