New Iraqi Cabinet Approved [FULL LISTING]

By John Lee.

The Iraqi parliament has given a vote of confidence to incoming Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani and his new cabinet.

A full listing of the new ministers, along with alternative spellings used by some sources, is shown below:

  • Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Fouad Hussein [Fuad Hussein]
  • Vice President Cabinet and Minister of Oil, Mr. Hayan Abdul Ghani Abdul-Zahra [Hayyan Abdul Ghani; Hayan Abdulghani]
  • Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Planning, Mr. Muhammad Tamim [Mohammed Ali Tamim]
  • Minister of Finance, Ms. Taif Sami Mohammed [Al-Sitta Taif Sami]
  • Minister of Defense, Mr. Thabet Muhammad Saeed al-Absi [Thabit Muhammad, Thabet Mohammed Saeed]
  • Minister of Interior, Mr. Abdul-Amir Kamel al-Shamri [Abdul Amir Al-Shimmery, Abdul Amir Kamel]
  • Minister of Health, Dr. Saleh Mahdi Mutalib [Salih Mahdi, Saleh Mehdi Mutalib]
  • Minister of Industry and Minerals, Dr. Khaled Battal Najm [Khalid Battal, Khaled Battal Neg]
  • Minister of Commerce (Trade), Mr. Atheer Daoud Salman [Athir Daowd Salman, Atheer Dawood Salman Al Ghurairi]
  • Minister of Justice, Dr. Khaled Salam Saeed Shawani [Khalid Shawani, Khaled Salam Shwani]
  • Minister of Electricity, Engineer Ziyad Ali Fadel [Ziad Ali Fadhil Sudani]
  • Minister of Agriculture, Engineer Abbas Jabr Obada
  • Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Naim Abdel-Aboudi [Na'im Al-Abboudi, Naim Abed Yasser]
  • Minister of Education, Dr. Ibrahim Namis Yassin
  • Minister of Transport, Mr. Razak Muhaibis [Razzaq Muhaibis, Razak Muhaibes Ajimi]
  • Minister of Communications. Dr. Hiam Abboud Kazem [Hoyam Abboud, Hiam Abboud Khadim]
  • Minister of Water Resources, Mr. Aoun Diab Abdullah
  • Minister of Labor and Affairs, Mr. Ahmed Jassem Saber Al-Asadi [Ahmed Jassim Saber]
  • Minister of Immigration and Displaced Persons, Ms. Ivan Faeq Yaqoub [Ivan Faiq, Evan Faeq Yacoub]
  • Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Hussein Al-Mubarqa [Ahmad Al-Mubarqa, Ahmed Mohamed Hussein]
  • Minister of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, Dr. Ahmed Fakak Ahmed [Ahmad Fakkak Ahmad, Ahmed Fakkak Ahmed]

(Sources: Iraqi Parliament, Al Monitor)

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