Corn Production increasing in the Kurdistan Region

Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) farmers, who used to grow wheat, barley, vegetables and fruits, are now growing dozens of other crops, including corn.

The Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) needs one million tons of corn annually and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) has paid attention to this product and plans to provide more assistance to farmers in order to increase corn production.

Aram Hussein, a farmer in the village of Gardasur, said that the price of corn has increased from 150,000 dinars to 400,000 dinars, although last year it was 550,000 dinars "They used to have high price but the price are playing, that is why it is important for the government to monitor and agree with the factories, so that there is a fixed price and the process is planned.

After 2013, the cultivation of corn in the Kurdistan Region has increased and dozens of factories have been established to produce the corn in addition to daily food products, in various ways such as fodder for animals.

Wshyar Raqo Khurshid, who owns a corn company, said that they receive corn from September to March and every year the amount will increased, "Last year, we received about 40,000 tons of corn, and this year we are going to increase to 60,000 tons".

(Source: KRG)

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