Iraqi PM promotes Local Pharmaceutical Industry

By John Lee.

Prime Minister Mr. Mohammed S. Al-Sudani, chaired the second meeting with the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Iraq this week in the presence of the Minister of Health, the Minister of Industry and Minerals, and several Director Generals in the two ministries.

The meeting focused on endorsing the recommendations related to the localization of the pharmaceutical industry. His Excellency ordered concerned authorities to implement the recommendations and submit all needed requests to the Council of Ministers to issue the proper decisions regarding them in a way that helps advance the pharmaceutical industry and increase the number of medicines manufactured in Iraq.

This will prevent citizens from buying untested drugs and the economic effects of imported medicines. Iraq imports 90% of its pharmaceutical needs, exceeding $3 billion annually.

The following are the highlights from the remarks by the Prime Minister:

  • The pharmaceutical industry represents one of the most important areas that government focuses on in its program for economic reform and the development of different sectors.
  • The localization of the pharmaceutical industry was not a slogan but a goal, and you translated it into actual procedures and recommendations after a series of meetings.
  • For the pharmaceutical manufacturers in the public and private sectors, the government and its relevant ministries have fulfilled their obligations, and we are waiting for the implementation.
  • The pharmaceutical industry can provide new job opportunities that we desperately need now.
  • All pharmaceutical manufacturers in the public or private sectors should take the initiative to invest in this significant opportunity as the government supports the endeavors of bringing home the pharmaceutical industry.
  • We are ready to provide any support, whether at the level of procedures you need in the future or in terms of granting loans or any other assistance.
  • This is a golden opportunity to place the pharmaceutical industry on the right track in Iraq.
  • Today, we are witnessing an important event for the pharmaceutical industry, and we must invest in this sector to have pharmaceuticals manufactured inside Iraq.

(Source: Media Office of the Prime Minister)

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