Oil Minister Discusses Karbala Refinery with Korean Consortium

By John Lee.

Iraq's Minister of Oil, Hayan Abdul-Ghani, recently met with the Chairman and members of a consortium of Korean companies, led by Hyundai.

The meeting, which included the General Manager of the State Company for Oil Projects (SCOP) and the General Manager of the Midland Refineries Company (MRC), focused on discussing the consortium's plans for increasing production in the Karbala refinery.

During the meeting, a representative from the Korean consortium briefed the Minister of Oil on their proposed plans to gradually enhance production in order to achieve the refinery's design capacities within the predetermined timeframe.

Minister Abdul Ghani emphasized the importance of training employees from national companies to effectively manage the refinery's production process. He emphasized the significance of incorporating international expertise and advanced technology in the refining industry to ensure the refinery's operations are optimized.

Furthermore, Minister Abdul Ghani underscored the economic importance of the Karbala refinery, which has a daily capacity of 140,000 barrels. He highlighted its crucial role in meeting a significant portion of the country's local demand for high-quality petroleum products.

The meeting between the Minister of Oil and the Korean consortium demonstrated the shared commitment to maximizing the potential of the Karbala refinery through the exchange of knowledge and utilization of advanced technologies. This collaboration is expected to contribute to Iraq's self-sufficiency in petroleum production and enhance the quality of petroleum products available in the domestic market.

(Source: Ministry of Oil)

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