KRG to build Housing Units for Low-Income Earners

Dr. Mohammad Shukri Mohammad Saeed, head of the Kurdistan Region Investment Board, has made an announcement regarding housing units for low-income earners, stating that they will be ready for occupancy by the middle of next year.

During an interview with the official website of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Dr. Saeed shed light on the lengthy process involved in constructing the housing units. He mentioned that the board faced challenges in finding suitable land in some areas, but progress has been made and the project in Zakho will commence shortly.

Dr. Saeed confirmed that construction of the units in Zakho is scheduled to start in May and will be completed within a year. Similar plans are in place for Erbil. In Slemani, the project will commence once the required lands are provided. Dr. Saeed assured citizens that they will have the opportunity to own housing units.

(Source: KRG)

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