Electrical Generator

Subject: Purchasing Agreement with a General Trading Company for Purchasing Electrical Generator including the transportation to be provided for 30 villages in Baaj, and Tal Abtta in Nineveh.

Location: Tal Abta & Baaj Villages.

  1. Invitation to submit bids in response to the solicitation

You are invited to submit a bid for "Purchasing Agreement with a General Trading Company for Purchasing Electrical Generator including the transportation to be provided for 30 villages in Baaj and Tal Abtta in Nineveh" The technical and financial offers must be separate (not mixed) and each should be placed in its own signed and stamped envelope. These envelopes should then be placed in another sealed envelope and delivered by hand & electronically in a PDF file emailed to [email protected] to TAD Office by the deadline of 17:00 PM on 20th November 2022, in accordance with the terms & conditions contained herein.

Bids must be submitted to one of the following TAD offices:

  • Iraq, Mosul:
    • Al-Shurta Quarter, Al Shurta St., building 7/2624.

GPS: https://maps.app.goo.gl/dF5hk5uE9qAYjU4n8?g_st=it

Tel: 00964 783 266 3000.

    • Mohandessin Quarter, building 6/11/m 41.

GPS: https://maps.app.goo.gl/VcPgUoCeFNRjzU4VA

Tel: 00964 783 577 825.

Bids received after the deadline will not be accepted.

Documents must be submitted to:

[email protected]

If any, Submit Questions in writing to

[email protected]

All envelopes should be sealed, stamped and labeled as follows:

Available from: Nov 8, 2022

Deadline: Nov 20, 2022.

Name and Address of Suppliers:

Bidder shall provide a written proposal, fully compliant with the instructions given. Failure to comply with requirements may result in the rejection of the proposal. Every proposal will be evaluated in accordance with the prior approved terms & conditions by the TAD for the provision of tools, materials and equipment.

Terms & conditions.


The proposal must take into account the following:

  • All the provided services and materials must meet the quality and technical specifications mentioned in the attached Schedule of Requirements.
  • TAD staff have the right to inspect all the Services and goods delivered and are not obliged to accept any services or materials which do not match the required quality, malfunctioning equipment, or incorrect items.
  • The companies applying to this tender need to have free access to Nineveh cities.
  • The companies applying to this tender must provide the following documents:
    • All requirements in the Tender Submmision - Checklist

Note: for any missed document from the above-mentioned documents the company will be excluded from the competition to win the bid.

  • The companies applying must sign & stamp all the required documents.
  • Supplier should be ready to provide all required services and materials agreed upon after signing the agreement.

General Conditions:

  • Currency - Tenders must be presented in USD.
  • Period of Validity - Prices quoted in the tender must be valid for a period of at least 10-90 days from the deadline for the submission of tenders.
  • The compliant tender that offers the best price-quality ratio will be chosen. TAD does not bind itself to award the lowest offer.

Payment Terms:

  • Each invoice will be paid during 10-90 days from receiving date.
  • Invoices will be paid after receiving all the contracted items
  • Method of payment will be by Cheques or bank transfer, also might be cash if needed

Read & approved by:

Supplier Name:

Supplier Address:

Supplier Signature and stamp:

Tender's Files:
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